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FEARS AND PHOBIAS ~ Approx 1- 6+ Sessions (sessions last between 60 - 90 minutes)

£70 per session

A phobia is an intense fear reaction to a specific object or situation. With a phobia, the fear is out of proportion to the potential danger. Sufferers are often consciously aware that this reaction is irrational but are unable to control it. Phobias often develop in childhood and can have a serious impact on the sufferer’s daily life. Through a process of desensitisation techniques and post hypnotic suggestions I can help you remove the fear and undesirable reaction.


£70 per session.

Giving up smoking is a daunting process. Especially if this has been a part of your life for a long time. Using the Easy Quit Smoking Programme by Hypnosense (the ONLY Smoking Cessation Programme to be approved by the Hypnotherapy Society UK) you could make this positive change in only a few sessions.

TICS AND HABITS ~ Approx 2 - 6+ Sessions (sessions last between 60 - 90 minutes)

£70 per session

Habits and Tics can be driven by several causes including anxiety. Whether it is wanting to stop biting your nails, picking unconsciously at your eyelashes, or even blushing too frequently, using a systematic process hypnotherapy can help you eliminate those troubling habits. 

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT ~ Approx 4 - 6+ Sessions (sessions last between 60 - 90 minutes)

£70 per session

Together we will examine your eating habits; what is sustaining these and how we can replace these habits, whilst eliminating negative thoughts and beliefs that are preventing you from being the weight you would like to be. All for a much cheaper price than common fast fix replacement meal subscriptions or weight loss monthly programmes that treat the symptoms but not the cause.

STRESS AND ANXIETY RELIEF ~ Approx 6 - 12+ Sessions (sessions last between 60 - 90 minutes)

£70 per session

Anxiety is best described as 'fear spread thinly'. Whether this is regarding a particular issue such as driving anxiety, a work-related problem or something more long-term, hypnotherapy can help. Left untreated anxiety and stress can have a detrimental effect on your well-being and physical health and can impact on all areas of your life. Hypnotherapy can help to identify what is causing the symptoms and reframe negative beliefs and thoughts using a range of post-hypnotic suggestions and techniques including NLP. 

GOAL ACHIEVEMENT ~ Approx 1 - 4 Sessions (sessions last between 60 - 90 minutes)

£70 per session

Using a combination of post-hypnotic suggestions and NLP techniques, hypnotherapy can help you to eliminate those nerves and achieve you goal. Whether you're wanting to pass your driving test, improve your golf, make your wedding speech one to remember, or impress during presentations the control is within you.

SELF-ESTEEM AND CONFIDENCE BOOST ~ Approx 1 - 4+ Sessions (sessions last between 60 - 90 minutes)

£70 per session

Life is a beautiful struggle and we all suffer from a lack of confidence at self-doubt at times. You may suffer from Imposter Syndrome and be plagued by constant internal chatter of self-doubt resulting in a lack of confidence. Are you driven by a need for perfectionism? Perhaps you feel that the successes in your life have been due to sheer 'luck' or 'fluke' and worry that at any time you will be found out? Hypnotherapy can help identify and release the cause as well as reframe unhelpful thoughts and beliefs to leave you feeling confident and happy.

HYPNOANALYSIS AND PSYCHOTHERAPY ~ Approx 6-12+ Sessions (sessions last between 60 - 90 minutes)

£70 per session

Have you been living with the same symptoms for a long time? Perhaps you continually feel anxious, or have low mood and can't quite understand why? Or perhaps there are times when you feel better, but then these symptoms always find their way back to you? 'Psychological Programming' we experienced in childhood, often from authority figures, leads to the development of certain thought and behaviour patterns; some of which are negative and hold us back from living the life we deserve. Hypnoanalysis and Psychotherapy can help you to identify the causes of these symptoms and 'reframe' them to help you release repressed emotions and rid yourself of these negative thought and behaviour patterns. Allowing you to approach life with a new and uplifting perspective.

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WELL-BEING AND RELAXATION ~ Approx 1- 4 Sessions (up to 1 hour each)

£70 per hour

Would you like an hour to yourself to do nothing but simply drift away, relax and re-charge? Self-care is not selfish, yet we all do too little of it. You will be amazed at how relaxed, positive and invigorated you can feel after only one hypnotherapy session. Life is stressful and we all need a moment to stop and recharge. Hypnotherapy sessions are for the mind what a day at the Spa is for the body. You don't always have to be working on a symptom to enjoy hypnotherapy but can simply enjoy an hour to yourself where you have full permission to just relax. Make hypnotherapy as much of a self-care routine as healthy eating and exercise with enjoyable guided relaxation full of positive post-hypnotic feel good suggestions. A perfect gift for a loved one too.

If you feel your symptoms do not fit the services offered above, please do contact me to discuss.

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