Support for Children and Teens

My work with young people allows me to combine my two greatest passions - therapy

and education - and the two complement each other beautifully to help children grow.

I help children to understand why they are experiencing their challenges and empower them to know how to overcome them.

I am a Psychology graduate with nearly two decades experience working with children as a fully qualified teacher within both mainstream and special school settings. I am also a qualified Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) and have worked as a Local Authority EHCP Specialist Teacher, advising schools and supporting children absent from education. I have worked with many vulnerable children and those within the Social Care System. I am also a mother myself.

Parents and schools seek my services for the relief of symptoms ranging from the mild and isolated, to the severe and complex. I consider myself privileged to be able to help.

I recognise that most children come from secure and nurturing homes. However, children sometimes find it easier to speak to someone outside of their immediate circle. I work in partnership with families and schools to support young people aged 6 - 18 years.

My sessions for children are innovative in nature and entirely bespoke to the young person’s life experiences, personality, and specific needs. Whilst I use hypnotherapy in my sessions, not all sessions require hypnosis and working in the conscious state is often just as effective.

Sessions are multi-sensory and tailored not only to the child’s chronological age, but their developmental age. I am inclusive of a range of learning styles. I believe that children engage and make better progress when they experience a range of fun and practical activities. I use a range of therapeutic techniques, meaning your child does not need to be able to sit quietly and attentively for long periods of time to engage in therapy.

I am passionate about helping children and teens to develop their emotional intelligence. Empowering them to be able to independently recognise and self-regulate their emotions, behaviours and anxieties. To help them know how to make safe and informed life choices. As well as be able to identify their strengths, celebrate their success and deal with the challenges life throws at them with resilience.

I take time in the beginning to just get to know your child so I can tailor sessions just for them. I like to introduce myself in a way that works for them. This helps build a positive relationship and lowers any anxiety they might have about coming to see me. It is essential that they feel safe and comfortable with me. 


I believe it is important to help children understand the psychophysiology and psychoeducation of how their minds and bodies are connected and why they experience their symptoms. All children are different and I work with them to develop a range of coping mechanism that they find useful.

Sessions typically last between 45-60 minutes depending on the child. The number of sessions required is dependent on how your child engages and the nature of their symptoms. I always strive to reduce symptoms in the shortest number of sessions possible. Parents and legal guardians are encouraged to attend sessions to ensure joined up working and to allow for the sharing and modelling of useful techniques and strategies.

I offer sessions at my private and confidential child-friendly home-based therapy room in West Bletchley. I am also happy to work with child at their school or online. Especially for those who find leaving their home challenging.

I am Enhanced DBS checked and undergo regular Safeguarding Training and CPD.

I charge *£60 per session, all of which are tailored specifically to your child. This fee is for therapist expertise, time spent in sessions, planning and preparation and for resources used both in sessions and at home. *Some concessions and payment plans are available.

If you have any questions at all or would like to discuss your child and how I can help, please do get in touch for a free 30 minute no obligation consultation.


As a mother, I recognise that the world our children are living in is very different from days gone by. Today's is fast-paced, rapidly changing, technology driven and media-saturated. Young people are living in a world of constant stimulation, with little time for rest. Despite our attempts to protect them, they are increasingly exposed to a growing number of societal pressures and confusing high-intensity experiences, including taking exams, family breakdowns and even terrorism. They are frequently having to navigate negative life experiences we would rather they did not.


Exposure to these types of situations is part of life and can be a valuable learning experience. If however, they do not have the skills necessary to cope with these type of situations they can develop negative self-limiting beliefs about themselves and the World. Resulting in self-damaging thought patterns and behaviours that can significantly impact their future health and happiness. Indeed, half of mental illnesses starts by age 15, when young people are trying to make sense of the world and who they are.


Never has this issue been more prevalent than during COVID - 19 times where many children felt scared, confused and isolated and did not have the normal opportunities to develop the resilience skills they need. All compounded by services being stretched to the brink.


My Services for Children and Teens

Schools are increasingly recognising the benefits of therapy for all young people.


Some schools may be able to help with funding for sessions if your child's challenges are impacting on all areas of their life. Especially if they are recognised as having a Special Educational Need or disability (SEND). 


It is worth consulting your school's Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) or Additional Learning Needs Coordinator (ALNCo).


If your child has an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) than you may be able to access funding through a 'Personal Budget'. You can discuss this with your Local Authority SEND Casework Officer.

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